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You build yourself, do it in minutes, and for less than $5...






ImageDo you run in salt or brine waters? Would you like to break in a new engine or hear what a new or new used engine sounds like? Are you the type that just likes upsetting the neighbors? Or, do you want to see if your engine will run after any and all modifications you made to it?


Well, we have the plan for you and it will not even break the ole wallet, well maybe a few bucks but that is about it.

Most, if not all the items needed to build this very simple but yet, effective tool can be purchased from about any local hardware and/or automotive store.


This low cost flushing kit allows you to use your garden hose to flush your engine and tuned pipe and at the same time. You can also adjust your engine at home without overheating and it can be used to break in about any marine water-cooled type engine whether it is gas or glow.



Materials needed:

Note: whether you choose PVC or CPVC, you must use the same because the size difference between the two types of materials.




24 to 36" of Lg water line
¾" pvc or cpvc end cap
¾" pvc or cpvc coupler
¾" pvc or cpvc piece of pipe 2-3 inches in length
¾" standard garden hose adapter
¼" nylon tee
Silicon sealer
PVC cement



Steps to take in building your kit:


Step #1




Drill a 5/16th hole in the end cap as seen here in this image. It does not have to be perfectly centered either. This isn't rocket science.




Step #2




Insert the ¼" nylon tee and seal it with a good silicon sealer. (I like Zab-a-Dap Goop). Just make sure you don't get any in the tee itself.




Step #3



Cut the large water line in half. Assemble cap, coupler, and adapter and cement the fittings together. Attach water lines as shown



Step #4



Attach garden hose end to an appropriate water outlet. Attach water line to pickup entry an attach garden hose




Note: you may not need two water connections. Modifying the Water Flushing Tool is not a problem. Simply block off or do not add the second water line. That is up to you and your individual application.


You may even be able to add a small water valve between the hose and tool to regulate the water. The valve can be found and most any hardware or lawn and garden store.



ed. Wayne Rathbun


Ed. note: another variation of this was submitted by Jim Jellison, also using parts found at the local hardware store:




Use to pressure check cooling system for leaks, and back flush cooling system to get pond water out and ensure no buildup of foreign material in cooling system. Pressure and rate of flow is adjustable.

Cost about $6-$6.50 All parts available at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware,etc.








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Moofy07 replied the topic: #12083 11 years 5 months ago
That is an excellent set up but so involved. I just use one of those plastic hose clipons, the little high pressure nozzles. Just drill it out and glue a piece of tubing (size to fit watercooling hose on entry side of engine) connect to hose and turn on tap. So simple.

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