Radio Box

Radio Box


Learn how to make your own radio box in THIS Article in Issue 13!


Nifty Radio Box


On the first picture of my Seaducer Cat inside of the radio box you will see
where I took a piece of clear hose 3/8s and slit it down the center and
folded my servo wires ,voltwatch ,battery wire and placed them inside and
took some tie wraps and closed it up .
holds or suspends the wires up in the air about half way up inside the box
about even with the center of the servo.
On the last picture you will see the hose that I used
I cut it about 1 3/4'' long keeps them all in one neat and clean spot.




Mark Pittman (2007)


Make your own antenna mounts


Use a ¼-20 x ½" long nylon machine screw and nut. Most have a standard slotted pan head about ½" in diameter. Drill a small hole (1/16 - 1/8" diameter) through the bolt for the receiver antenna to pass through. Measure the antenna tube and choose a drill bit that's similar in diameter. Drill into the head of the machine screw, about ¼" deep. Push the antenna tube into the hole. If you need to secure it, add a drop of silicone sealant (just don't plug the hole!). Drill a ¼" hole in the boat, insert the antenna mount and secure with the nylon nut. Insert the antenna lead and your all set!

Note: this method also works really well for fabricating radio box seals for throttle cables and rudder steering push rods!


Brad Mahs (6/2002)




Secure your battery pack


Use industrial adhesive backed Velcro to secure your battery pack, or battery holder to the inside of your radio box. It will keep them from bouncing around, yet allows them to be removed quickly and easily.


Brad Mahs (6/2002)


Large radio box access hatch


While you're drinking the soda pop, eat a large jar of Musselman's Applesauce (46 oz size). This comes in a plastic jar with a nice oversized lid, about 2-1/2" in diameter, with a great rubbery watertight seal on the underside!

Rinse out the jar and the lid (hint: use soap and water, or your radio box will smell like applesauce!). Cut the neck off the jar about 1/8" under the flange. Using a hole saw , cut a 2-1/4" diameter hole in the radio box lid - roughen the hole and surrounding plastic with course sand paper. Secure the jar neck to the hole in the lid with silicone sealant, goop, or PFM. When it's dry, secure the lid to the radio box. The large screw-on lid will accommodate big fingers, and make accessing the radio switch and battery charging jack a snap! If positioned correctly, you can even remove/install the battery pack through this hole, or even adjust servo control horns. All without removing the radio box lid!


Brad Mahs (6/2002)




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