First ever RECALL.

Steve Seebold created the topic: First ever RECALL.

Hi Guys and Gals,

In 2004 I designed and began to produce and sell an outdrive for monos that was pretty stout for which I was accused of making an exact knock off of the Speedmaster drive, but after I put up a picture on JRCBD of my drive and the Speedmaster drive sitting side by side the accusations stopped.

I made my drive until 2007 when a major health issue forced the closure and sale of my CNC machine shop. When I closed down, a local boater asked if he could have the drive made by somone else, and since I no longer had a way to make it, I agreed.

Since then it has come to my attention that some of the mounting flanges that were made by the other guy have cracked at a strategic point that could cause a catastrophic failure.

While this failure is no danger to life or limb, it could result in loss of a $80.00 prop, and the flex shaft assembly.

If your outdrive has a crack along the base of the mount, please contact me and I will make arrangements to REPLACE your drive at no cost to you other than a little postage. All I ask is that you return the drive that failed for inspection. I won't repair your broken drive, I'll replace it

I bought a new CNC milling machine last July (2011) and I am making parts again.

I currently have a run of 55 drives in process right now, 20 of which are spoken for.

I would put this on Jims R/C Boat Clique, but after a disagreement with one of the admins about 4 years ago I have been banned.

Here is a picture my drive.

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road replied the topic: Re: First ever RECALL.

hey Steve how much are these drives? details on them ?

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Steve Seebold replied the topic: Re: First ever RECALL.

This drive is $85.00. When I started making them, they were $99.00, but now that I am no longer paying rent or machine payments, I am able to pass the savings on.

The drive has 3 lead teflon bushings. It has 2 at the prop and one at the cable end. Other drives have one lead teflon at each end. It is primarilly for square drive cables, but I have never heard of anyone using it with a collet drive.

The newest version has 3/16 inch of adjustment up and down, and for an additional $15.00 there is an optional backing plate that goes inside the transom and holds the stuffing tube.

I haven't made any of the backing plates yet, but they should be on the machine by the end of next week.

I'm not as fast as I once was, but I'm as fast once as I ever was. As I get older, everything just seems to take longer than it used to.

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