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SWEEEEEEEEET !!! I do loves dem big boats !! Nice job, Andre ! Looks like they were playing nicer this year and not using each other as ramps ! :laugh: :laugh:
Any interior pics of the turbine setups ? I sent you an email on this, but am curious about the turbines and water. What DOES happen if they flip or ingest water? And is it necessary to water cool them or just portions ?


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wayneuk01 replied the topic: Re:Heilbronn 2008

good question i bet it would break the turbine blades ..They sure look & sound great though.wayne

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Andre Abtmeyer replied the topic: Re:Heilbronn 2008

Thanks for the nice comments.
Sorry, I have no pics from teh inside. As usual I concentrate my foto job to the action shots. So many people are around the meetings with their cameras and making still pics, so I am more for the action and people...

The turbines are more reliable as expected. I have seen 2 flips this weekend, without any damages to the turbine. The guys put just the water out and started the turbine again...
At the moment they are in a testing phase. You get the power out of the electronic. The complete characteristic for the engine comes from the electronic. To adjust this the guys need some more time. I think we have seen perhaps 60% of that what they can really do.

i got your email. i will anser it here: The CRC cat is completed painted by airbrush. I know the owner of this cat but I have no idea where he got the pics to tothis awesome paintjob. The cat is powered by a QD engine. A really fast boat. The hull is a Skater from Paul Swaelen, Belgium. His website is www.ppbracing.com . he offers different cowls for the Skater. I like more the scale looking hatches.
This boat is very popular here in Europe. It corners like a sprint cat, is really fast and handles rough water like nothing. I run the same hull with a twin Zenoah engine inside, a great combo.
Hope this helps.

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Vman replied the topic: Re:Heilbronn 2008

Okay, cool. Thanks, Andre. Yeah, that is a nice looking hull . Obviously the real boat is an MTI hull but I really don't like the dimensional proportions of MHZ's MTI hull. I actually talked to Mike DeFrees (Driver/Owner of Team CRC) about his possibly wanting to get a model of his boat, which I had already planned on making for myself. To really do it right would require the Merc S6 drives and lots of power. Those guys are always out in front of the pack ! :lol: :lol:

Tell your friend he did a GREAT job on his model and paint job. BTW, is that QD a Hi-Torque or RPM version ?

Danke, Vance

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