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Hi to all you rc boaters I was wondering if you could give me some advice on what type , size prop/s :( i should be using?

I have a 1/8 miss bud pro boat which i am redoing so far so good it has a semi stock 26 zenoah motor 257 carb and the stock drive unit has been cut out and a new one to replace it so all the old hardware has been changed.

When the boat was stock we noticed that the transom seamed to drag some what and came with a prather 270 prop but now has a new rear hydro strut.

So the props i was looking at were as follows X5 med lift more pitch or

X6 med - high lift or

14 " " for hydros or

16 high lift props for hydros & outriggers or

17 " '' or

19 '' '' or

V9 mod lift high pitch riggers & hydros

what would your recommendation out of this lot ? evan if i had to go for three or four different types of props

thanks for your advice as i would like to get the boat up and running a hell of a lot better than be four.

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Hot Rods replied the topic: props,props & props?

Get in touch with Bob English out of California. He is known as "G-Force Hydros" ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). He does some of the finest prop work, and offers them at very good prices. He could probably advise you about the best prop as well.

If you need some transom lift and the motor is close to stock, you might look at Octura X-670 ( it will need to be prepared ), ABC 2716/2 10 degree, 7016, or Prop Shop ( out of business- but plenty still around ) 6717. There are many more and whether a prop works well or not, can depend on how well the hull is set up.

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