Voltage Regulator Mod

Tech Article...by Marc Weijenberg


A simple modification to make your receiver battery voltage regulator better...

Just a little thing I’d like to share for the modelgasboats.com readers.

Voltage regulator upgrade:

About a year ago I switched from regular NIMH battery packs to LiPo receiver batteries. I have been using  "2S" (7.4 volts) 1800 to 2300 milliamp packs, both cheap and better known brands. I have not had any troubles and can run a whole weekend without worrying about charging. My Futaba 3PM transmitter is also equipped with a 3S LiPo pack yeilding months of use without recharging.

On the receiver you need to bring down the 7.4v LiPo voltage to a receiver-acceptable 6.0 volt. level. Normally you use a voltage regulator for that. There are many sorts available on the web and at your local hobby stores.

Two things you need to remember when using LiPos and voltage regulators. Always charge outside your boat and make sure the wiring is A-ok, especially because you will be taking out your battery pack more often (to charge outside your boat).

On the cheaper voltage regulator models (and probably the more expensive ones also), the input and output leads are soldered directly to the printed circuit board. The leads are not supported by shrink tube. Because of this lack of support, the leads will eventually work themselves loose from the solder. You can easily solve this by re-routing the leads underneath the shrink wrap. Well that is the way I do them anyway. It’s a 5 minute job. Just lift the shrink wrap and pull your leads through it. That way the leads are supported and they cannot work themselves loose from the solder. On the picture you will also see that I have soldered the 5-6v jumper. It is not really necessary but if the jumper comes off while running the voltage output to your receiver will drop from 6 to 5v.

Pictures explain all (sorry about the quality).

lipoa1 lipoa lipob

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