Modifying a 230RC

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Learn how to modify a Zenoah G230RC engine...

The Zenoah G230RC motor is an incredibly powerful motor in it's stock form. With the voluminous 4-port cylinder head design, this motor is capable of tremendous power and high RPMs. The motor was designed for use in 1/5 scale cars so it is manufactured as an air-cooled motor. Even in it's stock air-cooled form, it makes a great power plant in for model boats as well, although modifying the motor to be water cooled can result in a modest increase in RPMs and a cooler and possibly longer running motor.


This article describes the "poor man's" way of water-cooling a G230RC motor. I made these modifications using a Dremel tool, drill press and a bench grinder. Using a mill or lathe would produce more professional looking results. I am presenting only one way to water cool this motor, I'm sure there are dozens of different ways to do it. Use your imagination and have fun!


Please note that this project should not be attempted unless you feel completely comfortable with the mechanical and metal working aspects. These modifications, of course, will void any warranties. Implement the modifications at your own risk, and please, ALWAYS wear safety goggles.


To View the step by step please download this .pdf document.




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