Northern Nats 2007

Races/Events Kevin Sheren, IMPBA National Gas Director

2007 Northern Nats, Thames Valley Model Boat Club, London Ontario, Canada.

The Northern Nats was hosted by the Thames Valley Model Boat Club on August 25 & 26, 2007 in London,Image
Ontario, Canada.

Almost 200 boats were registered, some from as far away as Bermuda and Alabama. Despite the rain all day Saturday, the host club pushed thru the first 2 rounds and partly into the third round. Racing started at 8:30 am and ran to about 7:45 pm on Saturday. Free pizza was served to all racers and families as the racing ended for the day.

Sunday morning brought brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures and racing started at 8:00 am. The 4th round was finished by 4:30 pm. There were numerous raffle prizes which took almost an hour to distribute. A 50/50 was held and then beautiful glass plaques were handed out to the first 3 finishers of each of 18 classes.

Club president Mike Hallam organized Image the event with help from his daughter Robin who did all the computer work to set up heats and organize the radio impound tent. Mike's wife Marg, Sherry Hallam and Tammy Harrison kept things straight in the radio impound tent and had the radios ready without delay for every heat. Roger Hallam did most of the pit bossing to ensure that the heats were ready to go as soon as the retrieve boat got back to shore. Steven Enneper and Trevor Dawes did the retrievals for most of the weekend. Calling the races was shared
Brad and Gary Isles taking 1rst trophy swim!
Brad and Gary Isles taking 1rst trophy swim!
by Robin Hallam, Mike Hallam, Steve Peterson and Terry Keeley. Shannon Harrison helped with the scoring on the CD stand as well as handling the stop and go flags in the launch area. All of this could not be possible without help setting the site up on Thursday. Mike coordinated this effort with help from Steve Reesor, Karl Wallace, Robin Hallam and Steven Enneper. Robin started registrations on Friday while racers were testing all day.

This event was a huge success! The club hopes that everyone had a real enjoyable weekend and will make plans to return next year.

Race Results

 Open Outboard.
1 Randall Thomas 2 Steve Enneper 3 Dave Roach
1 Kayla Jefferson 2 Kurt Jefferson 3 Anthony Palm
  21 Mono
1 Pete Dukes 2 Mike Locke 3 Tom Dukes
 45 Mono
1 Ron Jefferson 2 Charles Dukes 3 Robert Norton
 Open Mono
1 Steve Ressor 2 Howard Tucker 3 Doc Turner
 21 Hydro
1 Ron Zaker Jr 2 Brad Christy 3 Dave Roach
 45 Hydro
1 Terry Keeley 2 Ron Zaker Jr 3 Brad Christy
 67 Hydro
1 Brad Christy 2 Roger Hallam 3 Terry Keeley
 Open Hydro
1 Graham Lathan 2 Mark Owens 3 Mark Bullard
 Sport 21
1 Dave Roach 2 Tom Dukes 3 Mark Bullard
 Sport 40
1 Steve Peterson 2 Joe Wiebelhaus 3 Dan Brandon
 Gas Mono
1 Marc Levac 2 Tony Jacuzzi 3 Teddy Dudley
 Gas Sport Hydro
1 Gary Iles 2 Vince Amore 3 Brad Iles
 Gas Rigger
1 Dean Notter 2 Mike Coppolino 3 Gary Murcott
1 Jerome Yeoman 2 Chris Morley 3 Karl Wallace
 Gas Cat
1 Vince Amore 2 Bob Nauss 3 Teddy Dudley
 Electric 1/8 Scale
1 Howard Tucker 2 Pet Steinke 3 Steve Reesor
 1/8 Scale
1 Tom Kelly 2 Oliver Douglas 3 Joe Wiebelhaus

Race Sponsors

ABC Props
Aeromarine Laminates
Battery Supply
Bonzi Sports
Crapshooter Boats
Hallam Marine Hobby
Heritage Marine
Midwest Products
NeedforSpeed Hobbies
Octura Models
Props 4-U
Red Max Fuels
Rossi Sales
Signature Graphics
Terry Keeley
Voodoo Props
Warehouse Hobbies

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