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A neat radio switch featuring a built-in Y-harness...from GasRC Products.

Featured in this article is a new switch harness from Gas RC Products. What makes this switch harness unique is its built-in Y-harness. In case you are not familiar with the Y-harness, it is used to direct power from your battery pack directly to the steering servo without passing through the receiver. Some receivers have built-in voltage regulators (BEC: Battery Eliminator Circuitry) that limit the voltage to the servos. In such cases this built-in regulator negates the benefits of using 6.0 volt battery packs to gain speed and power from the servos. In addition, powering large scale servos (especially digital servos) through the receiver can sometimes put heavy current loads on the BEC circuitry, which wasn't necessarily designed for such high currents. You can read more about the Y-harness in THIS ARTICLE

 Back to this switch. The Gas RC Products switch harness includes two female connectors (one for the battery to plug into and one to plug in your steering servo. There is also one male connector which goes to the receiver. See pictures for details.

Image Image

The switch itself is a good quality switch rated 6A -125VAC, more than enough for our applications. It features mechanical locking so it can't be accidentally switched from On to Off or vice versa. You literally have to pull on the lever to unlock it and move it from one position to the next. It is a nice safety feature.

It comes with mounting nut and washers and some small Orings to seal it against the radio box wall. This is to limit the amount of water infiltration to the inside of the radio box.


All connections are soldered and sealed with shrink wrap tubing. All connectors are universal which means that they should work with all popular radio brands. (ordering of leads might have to be changed in the connectors for certain brands...check your radio equipment spec sheets for more information)

My Comments:

Great product. I don't know if any others exist on the market, but it was the first time I saw one commercially available. It cuts down on a lot of excess wiring inside a radio box as opposed to using the regular Y-harness. It also makes for less connections, which equals less chances of bad connections.

*update: after closer inspection of the switch, I can confirm that this switch is waterproof and can be used as-is for mounting on an outside wall of the radio box. If properly mounted with the supplied Orings, nut and washer it should ward off any water from getting inside your switch and radio box!  (Thank you to Mike Sr. of Redline for pointing this out to me)


Happy Boating!

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marc's Avatar
marc replied the topic: #2809 14 years 11 months ago
You know what...after closer inspection you are in fact correct. This switch should hold up to water...yes there is an oring in there and it will hold up to water just as good and anything else we use to seal other parts/components of the radio box. Thank you very much for pointing this out... I will update the article!
IMPBA3548 replied the topic: #2805 14 years 11 months ago
be sure to loctite the little cap on the bat handle, just a minute amount of it though, it will vibrate off if you dont..

mike sr
IMPBA3548 replied the topic: #2804 14 years 11 months ago

This is the switch that I use Mark, the nut is homemade as I dont like the ones that come with it, I seal it to the lid with silicone only (no oring).
The leads are soldered on, heatshrink applied, and coated with shoo goo for strain relief. The extra plug is for charging. The switch position can be reversed, just switch plugs to the receiver.

mike sr
IMPBA3548 replied the topic: #2803 14 years 11 months ago
this is a link to the speedmaster page its listed on.


I use this one exclusively in all my boats.Just the bare toggle handle sticking out, no boot of any kind.

mike sr
IMPBA3548 replied the topic: #2802 14 years 11 months ago
I wont swear to that particular one but the ones I use from speedmaster are advertised as waterproof, there is a small oring on the spring loaded locking bat handle. The ones I saw look identical except they are double pole double throw center off, mine are single pole.

I have used them for 4 years and none have failed yet and I run and dunk a lot, so they get wet quite often.

Was there an oring on the bat handle?

mike sr

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