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A look at the new magnetic propeller ballancer by GASRC Products. If you wan to work on your own props, a good ballancer is a must!






ImageUnless you are buying propellers ready to run from reputable sources you will need a propeller balancer sooner or later! Just about every stock propeller you can purchase on the market today requires that you sharpen and balance it.



In this article we take a look at a magnetic prop balancer sold by GASRC products.





The unit is made of aluminum and has a powder coat finish. It is approximately 7 1/4” long, 4” deep and 5” high overall. It is a fairly large balancer that will accommodate just about any R/C boat propeller. From my measurements it would accept propellers up to about 4.5” in diameter and the magnets would be strong enough to hold them too!



This balancer relies on 7/8” diameter rare earth magnets to support the prop shaft. These are very strong magnets! The prop shaft is made of steel. It is ¼” diameter so that most gas boat propellers will simply slide on. The shaft is then mounted between the magnets which will hold it suspended. On one side there is a black knob that is used to adjust the spacing between the magnets. To reduce friction on the prop shaft and have more precise balancing of the prop, you increase the magnet spacing just about as far as you can while maintaining the prop and shaft suspended. At this point only one end of the prop shaft will be touching a magnet and the other end suspended in mid air!





* If you want to balance 3/16” bore propellers all you need is a 3/16” shaft. You can inquire with GASRC for this or have one made at a local machine shop. Most gas boats use ¼” bore props however.

I will not get into the details of balancing propellers in this article. We already have a lot of information on this matter in the Resources section…you can start with THIS ARTICLE!

In short, the GASRC prop balancer is a very nice unit, sturdy and well built and will probably last for as long as you need it and more!




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