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A look at this great new product from Redline Motors!

Every once in a while a new product comes out on the market that makes you say "Now why didn't I think of that!?!"... well the Pushrod Seal Mounts from Redline Motors are a perfect example of this! They are so simple in design yet so very functional you wonder how it took so long for someone to come up with the idea.

I first noticed them on and just had to give them a try. I ordered a pair and received them very promptly.

The pushrod mounts are machined from aluminum and are designed to work with Aeromarine Laminates radio box seals (p/n: 6018) to provide a positive seal yet allow for easy maintenance.




Pair of seals. This what you get.
Notice the 3 small grooves on the end that is to be glued into the radio box. The large groove at the opposite end is for the seal to fit onto.
Shown here with the Aeromarine 6018 seals. *note: seals not included with the mounts. Seal installed on the mount ready to be mounted to the radio box. The fit is nice and tight and will ensure a leak-free installation assuming the mount is properly glued to the radio box.

How do they work? Simple, you permanently glue the mount to your radio box and slip on the Aeromarine seal. The drill size for the mount is 3/8". Below are some pictures demonstrating a typical installation.



Throttle servo linkage using Aeromarine seal with Redline Pushrod Seal Mount. Very clean installation and replacement of the seal couldn't be any easier since the seal itself is not glued to anything!

In my opinion, these should be on everyone's parts list for their upcoming builds! A really neat and innovative product from Redline Performance Motors.

The Pushrod Seal Mounts can often be purchased on from Redline Performance Motors or directly from their website listed below.

Happy Boating!

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505  Brookneal Drive
Saint Charles, MO 63304
Tel: 314-600-3052
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ScottS replied the topic: #7894 12 years 2 months ago
Hot glue????:?

Now 5 min expoy sounds like the ticket.
Thanks Guys.

illiniboater replied the topic: #7871 12 years 2 months ago
I used epoxy on mine as well. They have been on for 5 months or so and no problems yet.
marc's Avatar
marc replied the topic: #7869 12 years 2 months ago
I use epoxy. Just the 5 minute type.
kriscros replied the topic: #7868 12 years 2 months ago
i would think hobby glue or hot glue, my hot glue is holding up just fine B)
ScottS replied the topic: #7866 12 years 2 months ago
What is everyone using to glue the reline pieces to their boxes? I am looking to install these in a fiberglass box.


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