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Mounts for Zenoah engines...by M-Boat USA







Motor mounts are a very important part of building a boat. They are also subject to personal preference. There are several styles available on the market today and to add to the list are these new mounts by M-Boat. As with all M-Boat products, the quality of the parts and their finish is second to none. These mounts are CNC machined of aluminum and feature a quality anodize finish. Even the angle support brackets that mount to the stringers are anodized!


The kit includes the mounts, a coil relocating bracket, rubber isolators and all stainless steel mounting hardware.




To install the back (output shaft end) mount simply use the four supplied stainless steel screws. The rubber isolators are mounted to the back mount in a vertical position. The angle support brackets sit under the rubber isolators (see pictures). The support brackets front and back, are slotted to allow for minor adjustments of final width to match the stringers in your hull in case they are not perfectly spaced at 5 inches (which often occurs). They allow for an overall width adjustment from about 4 7/8" to about 5 3/8".




To install the front mount (pull starter end) remove the pull starter and the stock back plate. Install the front mount using the stock screws from the back plate. Reinstall the pull starter using the stock screws. Note: the pull starter can not be installed in the stock position (see picture below) otherwise it will interfere with the starboard side rubber isolator. It must be rotated 90 degrees to clear both isolators.


The rubber isolators mount in a horizontal position at this end.




The last step is to install the supplied coil relocating bracket. Contrary to the usual coil relocating brackets that usually put the grey coil on top of the starter, this one simply shifts it diagonally from the stock position. Remove the two screws holding the grey coil in its stock position. Use the supplied screws to mount the coil to the relocating bracket and mount the bracket using the two stock screws that were initially holding the coil to the engine side. The top screw for the plate goes to the top threaded hole used for the stock placement of the coil. The second one mounts to the threaded hole forward of the original hole (closer to the pull starter). Again, see pictures. This placement will allow for the engine to be mounted as low as possible in just about any hull while keeping the center of gravity low.




To mount in your boat, simply assemble the angles and isolators to the mounts and place engine in the boat in the desired position. Mark the stringers for the mounting holes (2 per angle bracket) and remove engine to drill the stringers. Mount the brackets with the eight supplied stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers. The brackets will stay in the boat at all times. The engine is removed from the boat by removing the two back mount bolts and simply loosening the two front mount nuts.


Some pictures of the mounts installed on a Zenoah G260PUM.









What I liked about the mounts:

  • Great fit and finish
  • Available in different colors
  • Adjustable width to fit 5" stringers even if they aren't perfectly set at 5 inches
  • Design will allow for very low placement of engine in hull
  • No bent aluminum parts. All angle parts are made of extruded or machined aluminum
  • Easy to install
  • Easy access to nuts to remove and install engine
  • Positive double bolt mounting system for support brackets





What I did not like so much about the mounts:


  • No carburetor linkage included
  • Mounts will interfere with the commonly used "direct" bellcrank linkages (such as supplied with Hypertorque style mounts)
  • Pull starter cannot be mounted for right (starboard) side cranking...must be rotated 90 degrees for port side starting. This is not a major issue, but worth noting.



Final thoughts...

These motor mounts are yet another fine product from M-Boat. They will allow the motor to be mounted as low as possible in most hulls and are built of quality materials. They will also allow for quick and easy removal/installation of motor. They do however lack a throttle linkage system which I hope will be incorporated into the design in the future.




Product Information:

Quick Release Motor Mounts for Zenoah: $64.95 USD ea.

(Price may change...see website for updated pricing)


M-Boat USA

Web: http://mboatusa.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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