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When I received my new Hemi V2 kit from Jack Goukassian, owner of J&G Racing, I was reallImagey anxious to get it setup. While in Las Vegas for the 2005 World Cup, I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see this kit up close and to actually see it perform in one of Jeff Michaud’s Insane Monos. The performance was quite impressive!


This is a precision made top end kit that just about anyone with basic mechanical skills should be able to bolt onto a Zenoah bottom end. It comes with all the parts required to make the conversion and also a detailed instruction sheet. The machining of the components is second to none and the finished product looks great.




Included in the kit:


  • - billet cylinder with pressed-in sleeve
  • - billet water jacket with Orings
  • - new Zenoah piston ring
  • - cylinder gasket
  • - carburetor spacer (heat dam) and gasket
  • - carburetor mounting screws and gasket
  • - coil relocating bracket
  • - all mounting hardware

In this article I will demonstrate the installation of the kit on a new Zenoah donor engine. The donor engine was supplied by Carmen Blois of Needforspeed Hobbies. In the next issue of MGB we will have more on this kit, including test results and hopefully some on water action also!

Assembling the J&G Kit




First remove the cylinder from the Zenoah G260 Marine engine.

Replace the ring on the Zenoah piston with the new ring supplied with the kit (new original Zenoah replacement ring). This step is not required if your donor engine is new, in which case you will have a brand new spare piston ring!

Remove the two (2) screws that hold the red coil in place and replace them with the shorter Allen screws supplied in the kit. This is required since the stock screws will hit the new cylinder. To replace the screws without disturbing the red coil, make sure both are tight and replace them one at a time.




Remove the eight (8) screws that hold the water jacket on the cylinder. Remove the water jacket and head button. You will now have access to the four (4) bolts used to secure the J&G cylinder on the Zenoah base.




Now install the J&G cylinder on the engine base. Replace the stock cylinder gasket with the supplied gasket. Torque the cylinder bolts to 42 inch pounds using a criss-cross pattern. Install the head button making sure the slots in it line up with the bolt holes on the cylinder for the water jacket bolts. Install the water jacket (don’t forget the Orings) and secure it with the eight (8) supplied bolts.




Remove the two (2) upper screws holding the pull starter. Install the supplied coil relocating bracket using these two (2) screws. Remove the grey coil from its original location (lower carb side of engine) and mount it to the new coil bracket above the pull starter. Screws and spacers are included.




Install your carburetor to the engine. J&G recommend a modified Walbro 257 Carburetor for the Hemi kit.

There is an exhaust spacer included in the kit, which goes between the cylinder and the pipe’s water-cooled flange to allow proper spacing with most pipes. J&G recommend the use of their tuned pipe for best performance, in which case the spacer isn’t required.




It’s as simple as that!


IMPORTANT: J&G recommend High Octane pump gasoline with quality two-stroke synthetic oil at a ratio of 10oz per US Gallon of gasoline. Honda HP-2 oil is recommended.


Price of the kit as shown in this article: $375.00 USD plus S&H.


Follow-up article here in Issue17!


The kits are available from:


Insane Boats

Website: www.insaneboats.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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