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A look at the new Iso Power Block from M&D Racing...bolt on performance and reliability!






Image You might have encountered issues with the carburetor isolator block on your engine allowing air leaks at one time or another. Since most users do not have or use the proper torque wrenches when assembling their engines, over tightening often occurs which in turn deforms the isolator block and causes air leaks. If you have experienced this, you know what I am talking about and what kind of headaches it can cause!


The stock isolator blocks serve their purpose very well...which is to connect the carburetor to the intake port while at the same time isolating the carburetor from heat generated by the engine itself. Without this isolating barrier, heat would be transferred to the carburetor and it would hinder performance.


The folks at M&D racing have developed an Iso block that will replace the stock unit, while at the same eliminate the over tightening issue. This block is made of aluminum so unless very excessive force is used, it should never bend out of shape. Since the block is made of a metal, the use of a special heat isolating gasket between the block and engine is required.


Included in the kit:Image


- aluminum iso block

- heat isolating gasket

- stainless steel mounting hardware





Installing the iso block is quite simple...



Remove the carburetor, stock carb block and gaskets from your engine and replace with the new Iso Power Block kit. You will need to supply a gasket for between the carburetor and the block. The supplied gasket is for installing between the block and the cylinder.

Make sure to position the supplied gasket correctly so that the pulse hole lines up with the pulse hole in your carburetor and cylinder.




One thing I really like about this kit is the way the holes are sized perfectly for the bolts. Notice how tightly the gasket fits on the bolts once installed on the block. This makes for perfect alignment of the pulse hole. The cut out also perfectly matches the stock intake port on a Zenoah 260 or 231. It all aligns perfectly when mounting to the engine.




When installing this block you should make sure that the face of the intake port on your engine is clean and not scored or damaged. The gasket used between the block and engine is stiffer than a stock gasket so be certain to tighten the block firmly, but not excessively.

After you have mounted the block, you can install your carburetor with a stock gasket. Again tighten firmly but excessive force is not required.






It's that simple!



What I liked about the kit:


- quality machined

- perfect fitting gasket

- all stainless steel hardware

- no worries of bending this block out of shape


What I thought could be added to the kit:


- I wish M&D would supply an equally good fitting gasket to go between the carburetor and the Iso Power Block. Would avoid having to order one if you don't have new ones on hand.



M&D claim that using their Iso Power Block will actually improve engine performance (up to 6% increase). The block fits perfectly and does in fact allow for a positive seal of the carburetor to the engine. Another nice thing is that the Iso Power Block is just about the same length and width as the stock iso block. It is however thinner than the stock one. This means that is most cases it will work fine with many of the throttle linkages on the market, with only slight adjustment required in some cases.


A great product from M&D Racing!



To order your Iso Power Block contact:


M&D Designs Racing

Phone 513-894-6118

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.mddracing.com



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