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Our review of the ever popular CC Racing Engines steel tuned pipe...

ImageThe CC Racing Steel Tuned Pipe kit is an awesome kit. Not only does it perform great, it also looks great! The chamber is made of stamped steel sections which are welded together with near perfection. It also features a tough ceramic coating that is "chrome like" and not only looks good, it helps protect the pipe and more importantly helps keep the heat inside the pipe for best performance. The total length of the chamber is 15.5 inches. The diameter at the center section is 2.25 inches. The stinger is an "internal" design, which means that it extends inside the pipe chamber to a precise point which was chosen for the best possible performance. The extra benefit of the internal stinger design is that it greatly reduces the pipe's noise levels thus requiring no external muffler to be within legal NAMBA and IMPBA limits in most cases. The stinger's internal diameter is 0.420" while its outer diameter is 0.500 inches. The stinger also features small angle reinforcements to ensure proper support due to its added length inside the pipe. This is also added piece of mind if you wish to use an external stinger mounted muffler for an even quieter pipe.

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Some of you might be hardcore fans of the aluminum tuned pipes ( I must confess I also love the aluminum pipes), and CC Racing offer the Powermaster pipe which is a solid performer, but testing has shown that in most applications steel pipes can product more horsepower and this is the reason that CC Racing has always continued to produce the steel racing pipes. For enclosed pipe applications where heat inside the boat can be a concern, CC Racing recommends the Powermaster aluminum pipe, but for all out performance where ventilation is adequate the CC Racing steel pipe is recommended.

The big difference between the CC Racing steel pipe and others on the market is its use of a 1 inch diameter header. The pipe comes with your choice of 90/100/105 degree and also 2" and 3" offset 90 degree headers. All headers are made of high quality mandrel bent Stainless Steel tubing that will not rust or deform under normal and even high heat conditions. (Discoloration of the header will occur after some use...this is normal and should be expected). The engine end of the header is flared for the flange O-rings.

This tuned pipe system is adjustable in length by means of sliding the chamber onto the header. You can "tune" the pipe to your engine/boat combo by shortening or lengthening the pipe assembly. The pipe is secured to the header with a heavy duty clamp. (Pictured here is the billet aluminum pipe clamp, but the pipe is now sold with an industrial type clamp which is not pictured) The clamped end of the chamber is slotted to allow compression of the pipe on the header. When properly clamped little to no leakage is observed. In most cases if it does leak, it will stop after a few runs. It is also a good idea to retighten after a run or two.

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This pipe kit also features the "No Leak" water-cooled flange. No more worrying about damaged O-rings and water getting inside the pipe! Water inside the pipe will kill the performance of a pipe that was tuned for dry operation, and it is quite noticeable. With this flange, even if you do blow an O-ring, you can keep on running (change them when you can of course) and not worry about water getting inside the pipe, or even worse, blockage of the water passage which can lead to overheating of your engine if it is on the same water-cooling circuit!


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Quote from Carlo Catalanotto - CC Racing Engines:

"If you are a hardcore racer or just a sport guy looking for all out speed, you will have a really hard time trying to find a pipe with the performance and quality level of the CC Racing Steel Pipe. If you take a close look around you will notice that most of the other steel pipes on the market have been based off of this pipe. There have been many changes to this pipe since CC Racing released it in 2002 including- Internal Stinger (No muffler required), Ceramic Coating, Stinger Braces and most notably the no leak Manifold and 1" header design from CC Racing. This pipe has proven through the years by top racers to be the pipe to have if you want to win races. It not only has great performance but it has killer looks as the tuned pipe comes ceramic coated and the CC Racing 1" header comes polished to a mirror finish. It is available with all of the popular header designs 105 deg, 100 deg, 90 deg and 90 deg with 2" and 3" offset. CC Racing will also very shortly have a header that will be a 90 deg with a 2" offset with a drop bend for Thunderboats and Crackerboxes. "

Editor's final thoughts...

Ever since I have been into gas boats I have always had a preference for aluminum pipes. I recently acquired a few of these steel tuned pipes from CC Racing Engines and installed them in some of my boats and was pleasantly pleased with the performance. I was also very surprised at how quiet they are for steel pipes without the use of external mufflers. Another thing I noticed was the fact that they are not much heavier than the aluminum pipes!



Happy Boating!



* you can purchase your CC Racing Engines steel tuned pipe directly for their online store by clicking HERE.

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marc's Avatar
marc replied the topic: #4407 14 years 3 months ago
By flange we mean the water-cooled flange that bolts to the engine exhaust port.

Shorter = tunes at higher rpm Longer = tunes at lower RPM (generally giving more TQ)

A better way to measure is to follow the center line of the header and pipe starting at the outside face of the flange. You should be in the 12.5 to 12 3/4 range. This is a good starting point for the CC steel pipe.
seahawkwa replied the topic: #4406 14 years 3 months ago
so by flange i gess you guys mesureing from the eaust water head oring flange im gessing. also . have i got it right , that shorter pipe is more torque and longer pipe is more revs , and have pipe able to tune from 11-1/2 in to 13 in lenth from head of motor to senter cone of pipe. ive got mine set ruffly at 12 or 12&1/2....

vid of boats out on lake mine is the 50in orange/yelow/holografic one. white hull is a mates 66 inch running 2 rmck 25cc motors. both boats out on second days run from being built.. mine cost me $900. to build ..mates cost over $3000 to build.....
marc's Avatar
marc replied the topic: #4403 14 years 3 months ago
11-3/4 is right where mine ended up also. :)

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