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Our review of the all new Dominator steel tuned pipe from Insane Boats...

Insane Boats are world renowned for their record setting boat hulls but that's not all... Insane Boats now fabricate and sell an all new tuned pipe that is drawing a lot of attention. The Dominator tuned pipe is an all-steel pipe and is a "no band" design, which means the converging and diverging cones are welded together with no flat mid-section. These types of pipes are often referred to as "RPM" pipes because of the fact that typically they offer best power at a higher RPM range. Unfortunately this is usually at the cost of a narrower power band (which is where the band pipes got their popularity, offering a broader power band). The difference with the Dominator pipe is the fact that the diverging cone (the cone that starts at the header and gets progressively bigger) is actually longer than the typical diverging cone and is made of two different angle cones. Designing the pipe this way allows for the use of a shorter header for the same overall pipe length. This design seems to have given the Dominator pipe a better midrange than the typical "no band" pipe.

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The cones of the pipe are rolled thus the weld along the length of the cones. The pipe features an internal stinger design, which has proven to be beneficial not only for performance but also for bringing the noise level down to within legal limits of major sanctioning organizations so no external muffler is required in most cases. If you wish to make the pipe even quieter however, the use of a stinger muffler is possible as the stinger extends far enough outside of the pipe to do so.

The pipe has a built in drain hole at the stinger end, which is a nice feature as the internal stinger pipes can be very difficult to drain should water get inside them after a dunk. Without the drain hole, the only efficient way to get water out of an internal stinger pipe is to remove it from the header to empty it. Whit this drain hole in place you simply have to hold your boat nose up and let the water drain out!

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The pipe is also ceramic coated. This not only protects the pipe against corrosion and keeps it looking great, it also help keep in the heat and as tuned pipe theory dictates, the hotter you keep the exhaust gases, the more power you can produce.

The Dominator tuned pipe is available in different configurations:

  • pipe with clamp
  • pipe with clamp and header (90, 100, and 105 degrees available)
  • pipe with clamp, header and no-leak water flange

The pipe I received for testing was the first configuration. I supplied the header and flange. I would however recommend using Image the no-leak water flanges. I tested the pipe on a tried and tested setup. I removed the steel band pipe that was on the boat and installed the new Dominator pipe. I had to use a shorter header to get the pipe at 11.5 inches from center of exhaust port to center of pipe (what I refer to the center of the pipe is the point where the diverging and converging cones meet at the weld).  The pipe performed very well and an increase of approximately 300-400 RPM was noted. I also noted very good throttle response and a surprisingly good mid-range. Although I did not take any actual readings, the noise level was also quite reasonable.

The Dominator pipe I tested does not allow for the header to slip inside the pipe, it actually only slides into the clamping part of the pipe and stops. This means that you cannot leave the header longer inside the pipe while testing, you have to be careful cutting your header to the proper length when you with any pipe you are better to start a little long and trim it down in small increments as you test. When you reach the point where no more gains in performance are noted you can only slip it back a little bit on the header (if you went a bit too short) and still maintain a good seal.

There are slight changes being done to the Dominator pipes and new versions will allow for the header to slide into the pipe.

Final thoughts...

This is a very good tuned pipe from Insane Boats. It makes very good power at both mid and high rpm ranges. The fact that it doesn't require the use of a muffler is an added bonus. If you are looking to squeeze out every bit of power from your setup, this pipe is a solid contender!

For use in boats with hatch covers, I would recommend making sure you supply adequate ventilation in the hull as steel tuned pipes generate a lot of heat and it is always best to keep the air to the engine as cool as possible. Proper ventilation of your hull will ensure a fresh air supply to your engine and evacuation of the hot air generated by the engine and tuned pipe.

Happy boating!

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marc's Avatar
marc replied the topic: #3728 13 years 4 months ago
No prob. Yes it is a good pipe.
Steve Seebold's Avatar
Steve Seebold replied the topic: #3719 13 years 4 months ago
Thanks Marc, I didn't know that. I like the pipe, it makes the boat go really fast.
marc's Avatar
marc replied the topic: #3704 13 years 4 months ago
The pipe has a drain hole in the stinger (inside the pipe)...just hold it header end up and the water drains out...Check it again!

If for some reason your's doesn't have the drain hole, which I doubt, you can drill a small 1/16\" hole on the outside of the pipe just forward of the stinger weld but you will obviously get a little bit of exhaust leakage.

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