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A little bit on how I got involved in RC and my views on it now from a parent's point of view...








I can still remember my first radio controlled (RC) car. I was about 12 years old and my parents had boughtImage me this RC car for Christmas. The kind you can buy at Sears or Walmart, you know the kind. I played with that car a lot and loved it but it didn’t last very long. Luckily for me it was long enough to get me seriously interested in RC. It didn’t take long for me to realize I wanted a better quality RC car, something faster and tougher. Of course, with that came a higher, much higher price tag! I immediately started saving my money. At that time I worked summers on a neighbor’s farm and also delivered the local newspaper. When I finally had enough money raised my father took me to the one and only hobby shop within 100 miles from where we lived. It wasn’t all that easy to convince my parents to let me buy the $600 car back then though! I remember one thing my father said when he and my mother were discussing it. He said “I rather he spent his time playing with these RC cars than be wasting his time hanging out on sidewalks downtown.” I think that sold the idea to my mother then and there, and it stuck in my mind ever since.


I don’t really play with RC cars anymore, although I buy the occasional one and end up selling it after a few runs! I just don’t really like all the maintenance involved with cars anymore. I like the simplicity of boats but for me it all started with RC cars. For others it might be planes, boats or helicopters. Regardless, it is all RC and it’s all fun!


Image My first RC boat was a scratch built outboard nitro powered hydro. I was 14 or 15 yrs old. I built it from plans in a magazine. I had only one friend who was also into RC boats back then. To this day we both still run boats, and he is my racing partner. We attend a few big races every year together and run our boats together when we can.


Today I am married and have two wonderful daughters which I truly hope will become involved in the sport of RC. I would obviously prefer they get into RC boats, but I will encourage them whatever they decide to try. They like to come to the lake with me when I run boats and we have just recently built a Crackerbox together. They are still a little bit young for actually driving the boats, but they are around them and developing an interest and that is a good thing. Both my daughters have RC cars and play with them regularly. It is helping them develop their driving skills. Funny thing is I didn’t buy them these cars, my parents did!


Image I really think that getting into RC helped keep me away from some other “not so good” environments when growing up. I also learned a lot from radio controlled models. I learn electrical and electronics, developed mechanical skills and it always kept my mind at work thinking of new and better ways of doing things. When the time came to start thinking about my future and what kind of work I wanted to get into, my hobby had a big influence on my decisions. I ended up enrolling in Robotics in college and later in Industrial Instrumentation. One might be surprised how many things I already knew in these fields, all because of my love for radio controlled models!


Image I recently had the opportunity to take some boats to a local school during student-parent week. The kids had a chance to see and touch the boats. We also started one to show them what they sound like. I explained to the kids the major components and functions of the boat and remote controller. Needless to say they all really enjoyed this. Next time I will organize something at the lake! These children are only in kinder garden but it won’t be long before they can be the next generation of RC boaters!


To all you parents out there wondering if you should let your kids get into radio controlled boats (or any form of RC for that matter) I say guide and encourage them! It is a good hobby, from which your kids will learn many skills and meet a lot of good people!




Happy Boating!



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LucW AKA Loco's Avatar
LucW AKA Loco replied the topic: #24115 7 years 6 months ago
Great ARTICLE Marc A+
Motorboater's Avatar
Motorboater replied the topic: #24114 7 years 6 months ago
So many good points in there.
When I was around 10, I used to go to a babysitters house after school everyday as both parents were working. My own father was not very mechanically minded, and had very little to no tools of his own. The man who's house I attended every day was a builder by trade, and was into virtually everything! Cars, machining and........ RC boats.
Not being exposed to this at home, I was in awe every time I visited. He had some tunnel hulls and small mono's from memory. I wanted one of my own ever since. Money was really tight in our house for many years, and it was only really until I left home and started working myself that I started catching up on all the things I wanted as a youngster.
I subsequently wasted countless dollars on cars, bikes and other toys as I got older. I'm 35 now, and get a little tear in my eye and a big smile on my face when my 7 year old boy gets a kick out of something I like to play with as well.
I've had to figure a lot of things out for myself over the years, and really think teenagers take for granted the information they've got at their disposal via the net.
Great little story of yourself Marc, and certainly worthy of at least one response. ;)

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