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An interview by Marc Levac


Insane Boats…most racers and sport boaters alike are very familiar with this name and the reputation that follows it. Insane Boats is renowned for its quality and high performance. Now boaters have something else to associate to the name Insane : 100 MPH+!!! That's right, on March 27, 2004, Jeff Michaud, owner of Insane Boats became the first the break to 100mph barrier with a gasoline powered r/c boat!



ImageMGB : Jeff, can you tell us a little bit about your background.


Jeff : As a kid I was around boats my whole life. My parents owned several different boats. At the age of 15 I had my first boat. It was a shovel nose hydro that you knelt down in with a squeeze grip throttle and 25 horse powered outboard. Between the ages of 15-30, I owned at least 12-15 different boats ranging from outboards, big block flat bottoms to jet boats. For a short period of time, I was also involved in running a drag boat in the NJBA circuit.


MGB : How long have you been involved in RC Boats and what got you started?


Jeff : I initially started off with electric radio controlled off road trucks in 1997. After about a year and a half, I then got into electric boats. I ran into a guy who told me about a lake nearby my house where I could race rc fast electrics. In 1999, I joined NAMBA and started racing fast electric boats. The reason why I got out of electric boats was the run time was killing me. I needed to run a boat longer than a minute in a half to two minutes. Then I met a guy named Gary Blockburger while getting my radio serviced at Futaba in Irvine, CA. who showed me a gas powered rc boat. I immediately got hooked.


MGB : So, what was your first gas boat?


Jeff: The first gas boat I started with was a scratch built drag cat with a J&G 25 hemi. I just played around the pond with this. This was one of J&G Racings first all aluminum motors.


MGB: What was the first gas boat that you raced?


Jeff: The first boat I raced with was a cracker box. I then purchased a Calcraft mono then a RC Boatworks Sport Hydro.


MGB: What made you decide to start designing your own hulls and going into production?


Jeff : With the boats that I was running at the time, I noted that there could be some improvements with the hull design. In the year 2000, I started to design my first hull. My first hull was a mono, which then led to the sport hydro and then the catamaran. The reason why I started to sell boats was to support my hobby. It has now led to a full time business.


MGB: Can you give us an overview of Insane Boats to include their products and services offered?


Jeff : Insane Boats currently offers three different types of hulls {Mono, Catamaran & Sport Hydro}, hardware and merchandise. All the hulls are a shoebox construction made of polyester resin and laid up with matt & cloth. They all come in a high gloss gel coat finish, available in red, white or yellow.


MGB : Is the hardware you sell a commonly availlable brand or specific to Insane?


Jeff : All of the hardware is Insane.......I have my own hardware made. Click here to see available hardware packages.

ImageMGB : Do you have a personal favorite among the hulls you manufacter?


Jeff : My personal favorite among the hulls is the sport hydro because of it's design and speed.


MGB : You have recently broken the 100mph barrier using a gasoline (G260 Zenoah) powered does it feel to be the first to officially break the 100mph cap?Image


Jeff : I was officially the first to make a one way pass over the 100mph barrier. My best one way pass over 100mph was 102.31mph. To achieve this goal Insane Boats had to think outside the box. I went to the people that I felt were the best in the business to help with the design of this boat. Within 3 weeks from start to finish we achieved our goal. That was a great feeling!!

Also on a personal note, In 2001 I was the first one to set a record with a gas sport hydro to exceed the speed of a 1/8th scale nitro sport hydro record. Back then nitro boaters thought gas powered boats were very slow!

Read more about Jeff's record breaking rigger here.


MGB : Any new products in the works that our reader can look forward to in the near future?


Jeff : Insane Boats has plans to design several types of hulls in the near future including cracker box and rigger. Also, they may be offered in different types of materials.


MGB : Do you offer Ready To Run (RTR) packages?


Jeff : We provide RTRun and RTRace set up hulls. My RTRace boats now come with a CC Racing Motor and Dyno sheet. Click here for to see availlable RTR packages.


MGB : Do you offer Insane Clothing such as T-Shirts, caps, etc?


Jeff : Insane clothing and caps are always for sale, the designs very throughout the race year. Typically, I stock Mens Large, XL, XXL T Shirts are $15 and I also have ballcap style hats for $15 plus shipping. Click here to see availlable merchandise.


MGB:You are very well know for your after sales product support...what are your warranty policies, if applicable?


Jeff : Insane Boats stands behind its product when it comes to workmanship. That is why I chose "First in Quality" as my mission statement. I'm readily available by phone or email and have a good track record of responding timely.


MGB : What is the average lead time on a new hull order?

Jeff : I typically have the hulls in stock; otherwise on average it is no more than a one to two week turn around for an order.


MGB:What is the best way to contact you for an order? For product support?


ImageJeff : Through my website or by phone.


MGB : What shipping methods do you offer, and do you ship worldwide?


Jeff : I use USPS, UPS and FedEx for shipment and I also ship worldwide.



In closing, I have personally purchased boats and hardware from Insane Boats, and I feel it is fair to say that the service and the products were impeccable. Jeff has always been there to answer all my inquiries, whether it be by Email of by phone. I would strongly recommend Insane Boats to anyone looking for high performance products and equally excellent after sales product support. Marc, ed.




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